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Sounds Of Europe is an international network of 13 festivals from 11 countries, sharing artists and knowledge, with the goal to show the enormous diversity and richness of the European music. Sounds Of Europe focuses on music rooted in local or migrated traditions, until the most contemporary forms of it, with a strong emphasis on the musicianship of the artists.



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Sounds Of Europe was invited by PIN Conference in Skopje to take part in the event, to network with professionals and musicians, to present the project to the public for the first time and to discuss different topics in a few panels. Dusan Sviba (Colour Meeting, Czech Republic), Bojan Djordjevic and Marija Vitas (Ring Ring, Serbia) and Jan Hoozee...

Second meeting of the partners of Sounds Of Europe at Womex in Lisbon on the 20th of Octobre. The meeting was a second non public reunion and discussion about the future of this new project. First results of the past season were discussed and ideas for the future exchanged.

First meeting in Brussels on the 23rd and 24th of May 2022 with all partners. After meeting on the 23rd of May at De Markten we had the occasion to see showcases of Belgian world music bands, organized by the Belgian Worldwide Music Network in Ancienne Belgique in Brussels.