Sounds Of Europe @ PIN Conference, Skopje, November 2022


Sounds Of Europe was invited by PIN Conference in Skopje to take part in the event, to network with professionals and musicians, to present the project to the public for the first time and to discuss different topics in a few panels. Dusan Sviba (Colour Meeting, Czech Republic), Bojan Djordjevic and Marija Vitas (Ring Ring, Serbia) and Jan Hoozee (Trefpunt Festival) were present along locals Oliver Belopeta and Kostadin Shurbanovski (OFFest / Skopje Jazz Festival, Macedonia).

On Friday 25th of November we presented the project Sounds Of Europe to the public in a panel moderated by Jan Hoozee, with speakers Marija Vitas, Dusan Sviba and Kostadin Shurbanovski. The video of the whole panel can be seen here:

The next day, on the 25th of November, Jan Hoozee was invited to a panel around the tension between the administrative side of European and other applications and the certain state of mind musicians need to be creative. Under the title 'Creativity vs Bureaucracy' Bojan Djordjevic moderated a panel consisting of three approved European projects (HEMI, MOST, Sounds Of Europe) and two musicians from the Balkan region. The video of the whole panel can be seen here:

Apart from those two panels the present partners worked on their network, made plans for next summer and were inspired by the many showcases and talks.